Culotte bariatrique jetable HI-Rise Tranquility

Ces culottes bariatriques jetables offrent une couverture élevée et complète à l’avant et à l’arrière pour assurer une excellente protection et confort . La couverture maximale combinée avec une couche extérieure de type tissu mou qui est doux sur la peau sensible. Le HI- RISE ™ vient dans une taille et convient à presque toutes les tailles de taille tout en bénéficiant d’ une capacité d’absorption impressionnante de plus d’un litre de liquide. Ces couches bariatriques fournissent au porteur un plus grand confort en étant doux sur la sensibilité .

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Tranquility’s HI-Rise™ Bariatric Disposable Briefs provide high and full coverage in the front and rear to ensure excellent protection and comfort. Maximum coverage combined with a soft, cloth-like outer layer that is gentle on sensitive skin, makes these briefs the best adult diaper available for use following Bariatric surgery. The HI-RISE™ Bariatric Brief comes in one size and will fit almost any waist size while boasting an impressive absorbent capacity of over a quart of liquid. These bariatric diapers provide the wearer with greater comfort by being gentle on the sensitive.

The HI-RISE™ Bariatric Disposable Briefs were designed to provide excellent comfort to the wearer, featuring a cloth-like outer layer and comfort stretch side panels tailored to comfortably fit waists from 64 inches up to 90 inches. The stretch side panels include micro-hook and loop closure tabs, ensuring a secure fit while allowing for multiple openings for repositioning or easy removal. The stretch side panels are made from a breathable material that allows for maximum airflow, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

Special features included in these bariatric diapers are Kufguards®, inner leg cuffs designed to channel liquid, that help to contain high volume urge episodes and bowel incontinence, as well as wetness indicators to make it easy to know when to change.

As part of Tranquility’s Bariatric System, the HI-RISE™ Bariatric Disposable Briefs can provide significant cost savings. Thanks to the extra material on the front, back and sides, these adult diapers minimize wet clothing and bedding, saving on caregiver time and expense. Extended wear capability results in fewer changes per day, reducing caregiver strain.

Tranquility’s HI-RISE™ Bariatric Disposable Briefs are the best adult diaper for use following Bariatric surgery, offering maximum protection and unmatched comfort.


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